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Low Balling Settlements & The Growing Role of Software

An insurance insider has written about this growing issue in: Low Ball: An Insider’s Look at How Some Insurers Can Manipulate Computerized Systems to Broadly Underpay Injury Claims.

Several tips from the LowBall article:

Among its tips:

•Ask the claims adjuster if your medical information will be assessed using an injury evaluation software program or a third-party firm. If so, the company might make you a low-ball offer to settle your claim.

•Request a copy of the evaluation software program, also called a consultation report.

•Most consumers ask to speak to the adjuster’s supervisor if they’re not satisfied with an adjuster’s response to their concerns, but claims supervisors have little authority or inclination to make changes in how the claim is handled.

•At the very least, determine who runs the office in which the adjuster works. That individual’s title could include “manager” or “director” to “regional vice president.” Explain your situation to them, referring to your notes if necessary. Supervisors at that level are often interested in customer service because a component of their annual bonus is based on how they resolve complaints. “The last thing a local or regional claims office wants is a call from the home office,” it said.

•If you’re unable to resolve the problem with your insurer, file a complaint with your state’s insurance commissioner.

My advice: don’t try to handle your injury claim yourself.  Call an experienced injury attorney.  Experienced injury attorneys know what your claim is worth.  Don’t settle without the facts and experienced advice.  


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